About Us

NRG Training Courses and supporting resources have been developed to address the growing demand for coaching professionals in the sport. This demand is not for high performance coaching, but for a new style of coaching specifically aimed at meeting the needs of recreational gymnasts, which has been growing exponentially in recent years.

The demand for gymnastics has increased in Britain by 42% since the 2012 Olympics. This is great news for the sport, but at the same time has highlighted a very real challenge, namely where and how to accommodate all these eager participants. Gymnastics Clubs are overflowing with huge waiting lists, and there are a finite number of purpose-built centres.

The NRG Coaching programme has been carefully developed over a number of years to equip sports providers with the knowledge and tools to effectively coach and lead recreational, mixed ability, mixed age gymnastics classes in any number of environments, not just those specifically built for gymnastics.

This pathway fully and safely explores the techniques and skills of gymnastics, still allowing able gymnasts to develop to their full potential, but approaches it from a recreational standpoint where fun, and personal challenge are the key objectives.

There is no need for specific gymnastic apparatus, simply an open space, and some very basic, generic apparatus, found in most leisure facilities and educational centres.

Our courses provide a professional pathway for individuals, and sports providers who are interested in training to deliver recreational gymnastics, and schools, wanting to enhance their delivery of gymnastics in PE.

Our programme allows successful candidates to start delivering gymnastics independently on completing Award 1.  Click on our Courses page for full details including cost and content.

Our coaching awards are particularly suited to those:

  • Working with mixed ability and mixed age groups.
  • Working in non purpose-built environments where equipment is limited.
  • Have an interest in the sport, but may not necessarily come from a gymnastics background.
  • Where there is a desire to build a strong and lasting pool of recreational gymnasts.

All NRG qualified professionals have the opportunity to join the NRG Community ®, as well as receiving the ‘NRG Centre of Excellence for Recreational Gymnastics’ with our accreditation programme, and the many benefits which this brings.

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