Philosophy & Values

The NRG Philosophy

The organisation is built around its philosophy that:

  • Every individual from infant to adult can, and is, entitled to enjoy and benefit from sport.
  • A sport can be enjoyed through participation for pleasure, and without focusing specifically on performance.
  • Anyone can teach gymnastics, given the right comprehensive training, resources, and support.¬†
  • Enjoyment and wellbeing is equally, if not more effective, in creating and sustaining motivation and long-term involvement.

The NRG Values

  • To encourage people of pre-school age and upwards to get involved with the sport of gymnastics, either as a participant or provider.
  • To provide quality coaching focused on fun, fitness, longevity and individual achievement.
  • To provide the means to create a robust, recreational model which is¬†inclusive, non-elitist, and sustainable.
  • To equip sports providers, individuals, and schools with all the necessary skills and ongoing support to undertake and develop their own ideas for teaching gymnastics within the recreational framework.